About Whistle


Duszah All The Bellsn Whistles

From the moment she arrived we knew Miss Whiss was not going anywhere. She was staying with us. 

We put in an order for Whistle see, a perfect girl who took all the great things from both mum (Tinka our home bred girl) and Simba her handsome daddy and mushed them all together to produce a perfect package... That is indeed our girl Whistle. 

Whistle is about to embarked on her show career. We are excited. Now her nanna has finished her degree she has more time. 

Whistle belongs to Dusty our son <3 

Whistle is yet to be hip scored but is our 3rd generation of great hips

Genetics yet to be completed. Parentage/grand parentage genetics available. 



Duszah All The Bellsn Whistles


Black and White

Belendaine Proud Simba

Black and white

CH Nahrof Shadow ofmercy

Black & White

Belendaine Blue Ash

Blue and White

Gallda Blue Diamante

Blue & White

Gallda Gleann Maghair

Black and White

Arajoel Glory Comet 2100333130

Chocolate & White

Arajoel Velvet Doll 2100204354

Black, Tan & White

Heidesa I'm Family Affair (NZL)

The Harley of Heidesa (NZL)

N.Z OB. GR CH. Simply Swizz of Heidesa N.Z C.D.X (NZL)

Heidesa Fantasy-In-Blue (NZL)

Flair you who Blue (NZL)

Orsum Odie Of Heidesa N.Z T.C.Q.N.Z C.D.X (NZL)