Just a little information about a Duszah Babe. :) 

All chats and decisions on a puppy are pending a meeting, if possible, at 6 weeks old, we want you to be sure on meeting that it will be perfect for your family in personality and nature (obviously for interstate buyers this is not possible). We ask for a deposit to know you are legitimately keen if and only when we offer an available puppy but would be happy to fully refund if upon meeting if you are not 100% sure (never happened). It should be 120% the right puppy, at the right time. So, before you agree to a Duszah pup, we will have gone through and discussed all that is needed to make a smooth transition to a life with your family.

Please let us know your time frame on wanting a puppy, if you did not include in the questionnaire, what exactly are you after. Our priority is to suit the perfect puppy to the perfect family. 

Although there are many different colours possible for our girls and boys, these are merely a personal preference of the buyer. The colours do not in any way change the nature or personality of the dog. We are fortunate to have many colours arrive from time to time, however, colour is never put first. Conformation, nature and temperament are second to none. please keep this in mind when you choose your future puppy, look at colour as a bonus, not an end-all. In saying that it is to be your puppy, so you also have the right to choose and wait for what you like. 

Puppies are sold with a limited ANKC registration (no breeding or showing).

Here is what you can expect to receive with your puppy -

Genetically tested parents,
Hip/elbow scored linage,
A flip folder with pictures, 
micro chipped, 
vet checked, 
regularly wormed, 
flea/tick treated, 
6 weeks pet insurance, 
advance puppy starter kit and membership, 
harness and lead, toys, blanket, 
LOVE and lifetime of support from Duszah. 

Any transport costs associated with your puppy getting to your home, is at the expense of buyer. I will happily help with arrangements. I have possibilities of deliveries to Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra for $150. Again, just chat to us and we can see if we can help make your family complete. 

Fill out a questionnaire to show interest. I will talk to you on the other side :)



Temperament is such an important factor in us choosing parents for our puppies. We love our dogs and want to give our new families a piece of what we cherish so much. A beautiful, loving Border Collie to leave paw prints over your heart for many years to come. Being a huge part of your memories with family and friends in the future. We spend a lot of time imprinting all of the important things into our puppies, and it shows. They are confident, happy, loving little ratbags, ready to take on the world with their families. 



Born End of Oct

Priced at $1000 wanting a home NOW.

1 x black and white male. Ask for pictures. 


Fill out a questionnaire telling us what you are looking for and we will be happy to chat more about a perfect Duszah babe joining your family. We look at suiting the perfect pup to the perfect family. We hope for a lifetime of happiness for our puppies in their new homes. We have younger puppies and older atm here, we are happy to discuss them all. 









Ready for new homes now, priced $2000

Male 1

Male 3

Male 4


I feel I need to tell my story for these babes above, not because I want any sympathy, please, I don't, but because I want to explain why we still have puppies available who are a little bit older than the 8 weeks when they normally head off to families.  All of Jan and Feb was spent going through radiation treatment for a BCC on my nose and cheek. It has been 18 years since the first time they froze it. I have had it frozen twice, used chemo cream, and then had 14 stitches to my cheek when they cut it out 5 years ago, for it to still show its ugly head and return. It was connected to some nerves, so we radiated it and I hope this will be the end. 

I am a midwife of humans as well as puppies however I decided to stop working for the time while I had my treatment and recovery. All of Jan - March then i was still healing and recovering through April. In the lead-up and during my treatment, I was not great, i was worried, depressed about needing to try to kill this cancer, about having my face scared yet again, and not wanting to communicate with anyone. It's a bit of a real thing to type this here, but it isn't weak to speak right?! I didn't answer calls or emails and failed to get back to people. I am sorry! I am ok, have great support and loads of wonderful puppies to get me through. I am sure many would love the sound of that recovery, right? I needed time to be me and that's ok. Rest assured they have not missed out on the amazing love we supply, their temperaments when you meet them are a testament. For me if anything, they were a great distraction or smile in the storm. I do love my babies… But now it is time they find their perfect families to love. 

These puppies have been reduced in price, to help find perfect homes. They deserve to be loved by their new families now. Please reach out with interest.