Duszah Whistle While You Dance

No words can express how much this girl means to me. She is a soul dog, and I am so glad she chose me.

Cadet is out of our beautiful Whistle and shares her same sweet, loyal, loving heart.

She is super soft in personality, and hence I started trick training to build her confidence in herself. 

Cadet now knows over 50 tricks. Including riding a skateboard :)

Cadet has tried her paw at scent work and absolutely loved it. Covid held us up on our learning there, we may return to it in the future. 

Cadet is absolutely beautiful in heart and soul. 

Elbows 0/0 Hips 3/3

Genetically clear (CEA & GLAU carrier)

CH. Etherial Dance Master

CH. Etherial Heartbreaker

CH. Tullacrest Thiefa Hearts

GRAND. CH. Cucriche Chances Are

CH. Etherial On Centre Stage

GRAND. CH. Etherial Chase The Ace HSAs HSBs HSAc

Etherial Curtain Call

Duszah All The Bellsn Whistles


Black and White

Belendaine Proud Simba

Black and white

Belendaine Blue Ash

Blue and White

Arajoel Glory Comet 2100333130

Chocolate & White