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Mr Ricoh started off his life planned to stay with his breeder. He adventured off and started his showing career with lovely Claire.

We were fortunate enough to scoop in and add him to our breeding program and wacky family shortly after he turned 12mths old. 

Ricoh is such a sweet caring, try hard boy. He fit straight into our family with all the other dogs with no stress what so ever. 

He is best mates with Turbo. He loves to learn tricks and thinks he is a big lap dog.

He loves car trips, swimming, running and playing. He is now with my son Dusty learning about life on the farm. 

We look forward to watching him grow and mature into the man he should be. Such an exciting addition to our kennels and we cannot than Sam enough for again sharing her special lines with us here at Duszah.


Ricoh sustained an injury to his pelvis before we purchased him, which is now unnoticeable in everyday life. He did have a few gaiting issues following, but thankfully no longer a concern. It was noted by the vet upon x-ray and in his hip scoring. His hip scores are believed they could be uneven due to this. Elbows 0/0 hips 4/8. Scores still acceptable regardless, however explanation still justified. We do not anticipate him to have an issue in the future, however, we will monitor him carefully and if it does, we will collect and store Mr Ricoh on ice.

Genetically clear.

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CH. Glenloy Long N Winding Road

Glenloy Tigers Tail

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Glenloy Devils In The Detail

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CH. Etherial In For A Penny

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CH. Etherial On Centre Stage

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