About Buddy

Duszah Thearajoel Buddy.
Buddy ~ Our Home bred boy.

Little Buddy McLeish resides in Cowra NSW, local to us here at Duszah.

Buddy is such a happy and loving little man. We enjoy watching him grow very much.

Pictures displayed here are of Buddy between the age of 8 weeks and 16 weeks. We will update as we receive or visit Buddy.

Buddy's pigment on his nose was slow at first but seems to be coming through nicely now. His nose should be fully brown as he grows older as you can see his changes more below.

Photo credits go to the McLeish family with gratitude. 

Mr Buddy will be a part of Duszah's future breeding program and we look forward to seeing him grow. We are quite proud to have bred such a wonderful little man. At the moment he definitely ticks all the right boxes, in conformation, looks, impeccable nature and temperament. 

Buddy is clear CL, TNS and CEA by parentage, will be tested to show own paperwork.
Buddy will be hip & Elbow scored. Parents results available. 
Buddy will also be colour tested. Carries ~ blue, choc, tri and possible red.

Arajoel Glory Comet 2100333130

Chocolate & White

Bojac Choc Willow 4100125253

Chocolate & White

Metaris Mudd Slydd 4100106057

Chocolate & White

Arajoel Velvet Doll 2100204354

Black, Tan & White

Arajoel Swagie 1601922

Black & White

Arajoel Kuntry Cinnamon

Chocolate & White 2100346649

Adensley Heartbreaker AD. JDX. SPD

Chocolate, white 3100205280

Tambovale Super Nova

Black, white 3100046650

CH. NZ. CH. Glentress Chain Reaction

Chocolate, white 1280181

Adensley Highland Piper ADX. JDX. GD. SPD

Chocolate, white 31001168125

Arajoel Wata Ripa TD. ET

Black, white 2100145563

Arajoel Boo Peep CDX

Chocolate, white 2100054516

Arajoel Young Lilactri Tofi

Chocolate, white 2100302002

Arajoel Hasa Lilactri

Tri colour 2100174840

Arajoel Popycot

Blue, white 2100193581

Arajoel Tradesman

Black, white 2100137160

Cheshunt Kimmy

Chocolate, white 3100001553